It’s not a good experience to run short on the drinks or food when you host a party. As the host, you won’t want to see your guest shuffling around his or her glass with no options.

Planning the right amount of beverages to buy for your party especially the cocktails, alcohol, and soda is as important as estimating the amount of food for your guest.

But sometimes, we find ourselves on a strict budget and are limited to a few options. However, it’s definitely no time to panic. First, you need to ask yourself a few essential questions before you put together a shopping list. Ask yourself:

  • How many adults will be attending?
  • How long will the party run?
  • How many children will be there?
  • Is the party going to be outside or indoors?
  • Will you be getting a bartender to serve the drinks or will you fill that role?
  • What type of party will it be? Cocktail party? Barbecue? Dinner party?

While it is good to consider hiring the service of professional like Mad Hatter Pub to help you plan your party, if you decide to call the shots yourself, you should consider these important tips before buying the drinks for your party.

#1: What kind of beverages are your guests interested in?

You need to identify the kind of guests you will be expecting and their interests. Ask yourself a few questions like; ‘When you attend a dinner party at their home do they love to show off their latest vintage wine? Are they into keggers which requires that beer flows all night? Are your guests easily excited by the trendiest cocktails or the newest wine?

#2: Choose one or two signature beverages

You can choose one or two signature beverages to add style to your party. This way you can manage your budget than the usual stocking of the bar with beer, wine, mixers, and other alcohol.

#3: How much variety do you want to offer?

A full bar will be manageable if you plan to hire a bartender. But you’ll want to simplify your offerings if you’ll be mixing drinks all night for your guests. At least this will make the hosting task a lot easier. It’s your party and you’ll also want to have fun don’t you?

#4: Remember to stock up on lots of ice

At least a pound of ice should be made available per person. It’s best to even have more especially when the party is active or the weather is hot. You can have less in a case you refrigerators to keep your beverages or beer chilled.

Don’t open everything at the beginning of your party.

To avoid waste, you need to limit the amount of drinks you open at the beginning of the party. This way you’re sure to avoid having partially consumed drinks or stocking beverages you don’t normally keep at home.

#5: Be sure to have enough glasses

You need to plan on multiple glasses per guest when setting up the drinkware for your party. It doesn’t matter if it’s the usual glasses or disposable. Often times, guest may change beverages and require a new glass of even forget where they place a drink. So, you can employ wine glass charms or other drink markers.