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Who doesn’t like to visit bars and pubs with friends to experience the taste of togetherness and have fun? If you’re one of those people who love exploring the likes and taste of different beers and cuisines, then the selection offered by brewpubs like Brutopia is worth your money and time. Wondering what’s different about brewpubs that set them apart from standard bars? If so, read the guide below and find out the answers.

How Are Brewpubs Different From Standard Bars?

Whilst standard bars and pubs offer tasteful imported as well as local beers, Brewpubs are specifically popular for brewed beers that are either freshly prepared naturally or is stored. However, even older stored beer is brewed. Thus, it is basically the preparation method that distinguishes brewpubs from other pubs. The best examples of freshly prepared and seasoned brewed beers are given below.

Freshly Brewed Beers

  • Brutopia ‘IRISH’ Stout
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • E S B – extra special bitter
  • Bonjour High
  • Scotch Ale
  • Extra Blond-Ale
  • Bon Bluets

Seasoned Brewed Beers

  • Mild Nigerian
  • Zero-G Maibock
  • Rice Beer Rousse
  • Rocket Fuel Imperial Stout
  • Frosty Morning Powerful Porter
  • Mocha Stout Great Plains Wheat
  • Dragon’s Eye Chocolate Porte

Features To Consider While Choosing A Brewpub

A brewpub is an altogether different place from the ones you must have visited before. The basic features that you must consider while choosing one include the following.

  1. Interiors – Interiors should be tastefully done with proper lighting condition. Also, musical nights are a big boon
  2. Location – The brewpub should ideally be located at accessible prime areas well-connected by transportation
  3. Food – The variety of cuisines should be diverse. The most popular ones include burgers, pork, chicken wings, samosas, and nachos
  4. Hospitality – The staff should be professional, warm, and helpful. It makes dining a fine experience
  5. Heated Sitting Areas – Firstly, brewpubs like Brutopia are triple-storied buildings. Secondly, one of the floors is fully heated to host the crowd during all seasons. Lastly, the staff is able to accommodate and serve a lot of customers while giving equal attention to all
  6. Open-air Terrace – An open-air terrace is a big plus. It gives people an expansive view of the city line and allows people the freedom to smoke while not disturbing the non-smoking crowd   
  7. Parking – A brewpub should be able to provide enough parking space according to the strength of people it can accommodate
  8. Entertainment – Brewpubs like Brutopia offer entertainment in the form of open mic concerts by some of the most sought-after Canadian bands