Types of Emergency Beacons

Emergency beacons  are devices for alerting your emergency contacts, or Rescue Control Centers that you are in danger. Most of them are based on 406 MHz frequency signal that is broadcasted to the nearest Rescue Teams. There are many types of Emergency Beacons with various purposes. These so called COSPAS-SARSAT 406 MHz Distress Beacons are made to provide users needed help in urgent situations. I will mention couple of types of Emergency Beacons and what is intention behind them.

    • ELTs (emergency locator transmitter) – emergency beacon for aircraft pilots
    • EPIRBS (emergency position-indicating radio beacons) – signals maritime distress
    • SEPIRBs (submarine emergency position-indicating radio beacons) – designed for submarines
    • SSASes (ship security alert system) – used for signaling a terrorist attacks on ships and other sea vessels

  • PLBs (personal locator beacons ) – this kind of beacons are what we are most interested in, because they are mostly used by ordinary people, with ordinary jobs, but can also have a wide spectrum of utilizations.

Why PLBs are most important to us?

Well, unlike previous Emergency Beacons, these beacons are intended for ordinary people in their everyday routines. They could be used by kids, adults or elderly, and, in some occasions, even by trained animals. While some of the first beacons created were designed for particular jobs and professions, mostly for military use, PLBs is the first thing that occurs to us when somebody mentions Emergency Beacon. They are intended for personal use, as their name says.

Some of them are designed for special kinds of use, like medical emergency situations, but others are designed for wide-spectrum use, like Silent Beacon. One thing that we can conclude from reading only their name is that they track us, and that they provide information to Rescue Control Center about our position. This can be very useful if, for example, we managed to click the button before we fell unconscious, so our friends and family can find us when we are no longer able to communicate our location.

Why Silent Beacon is important in whole story?

Well, Silent Beacon is the most popular and the best-rated Emergency beacon on Amazon. It deserves to be mentioned anytime we talk about Emergency beacons. Silent Beacon is one of the most practical and effective life alert devices. It literally can save your life. It can be used all kinds of distress situations. It is water-resistant device, so can be carried most places. Imagine situation that you meet an old friend on the beach while child is building sandcastles near the water. You turned around for just few moments and now you can’t see your child. This is a horrible feeling, right? Well, if they carry Silent Beacon with them, you can relax.  Your child will be able to alert you if anything goes wrong, allowing you to intervene immediately.

You can already see how Silent Beacon is helpful. In addition, if you send your kids to the school with Silent Beacon, you can rest assured they are safe. Silent Beacon will always be there for them, so they can contact you if needed. Another huge advantage of Silent Beacon is that when you use it, you are just one click away from 911. Unlike other Emergency beacons, Silent Beacon can connect you directly to the Emergency Responders for a very affordable price. It can save you valuable time skipping the step of first talking with a call center before reaching 911. Silent Beacon has introduced a very new, effective way of alerting loved ones about your potential, life threatening situation.