Baby strollers have gained extreme popularity over time. They are efficient and help to carry your baby all around with you. If you are confused about your choice of baby strollers, you may consider checking the options online. There are several types of strollers, each having specific characteristics and specifications.

The baby strollers are affordable and effective. Even when you are considering to get a new stroller, the features may be extremely different. You may consider getting the stroller based on how you plan to use it. All the features are extremely important and prominent.

Some of the prominent features you should be looking for in a baby stroller include the following


Although you may not believe it, there are various strollers which may not fit the requirements for your newborn. These strollers usually lack the support feature. If you do not find any such stroller, you should prefer opting out from buying it. If you are looking for a stroller for your newborn, you should prefer getting one with the flat surface or that which can attach to a car seat. These would help in making the baby’s journey comfortable.

Washable fabric

As we all know, baby strollers are usually made of fabric to ensure that the kid faces no discomfort. However, since you are getting it for your child, they are sure to make it a mess. If you want to stay protected against the risk of messing and are looking for an easily cleanable option, then it is better to choose the washable fabric. All you will need to do is remove the fabric and wash it off. Thus, all dirt will be gone soon.

Sun canopy

You would like your kid to face the bright heat of the sun while you are taking him on a walk. Thus, you can choose Pinki Blue strollers with a large canopy for the ease of your kids. A lot of canopies, however, contain a window so that it can allow your child to have a look. Other strollers may as well contain magnet closure so that your child can enjoy the outdoor views.

Stroller basket

A stroller basket is usually found under the seat. These baskets can hold up to a lot of weight. If you are looking forward to carrying a lot of shopping items, you may consider getting a stroller with large baskets. You may consider getting a basket that can help you with a lot of items.

There are several ways through which you can use these strollers. However, make sure that these strollers can match all your requirements.