Have you once looked at Etsy shops and considered how it was possible for people to create such unique products? Actually, it is not as difficult as you think. The techniques used are available to us including affordable equipment.

Although the process was difficult before, it is now easy for everyone and the machinery involved it available. However, how is it?

Dye Sublimation Printing – An Overview

Dye Sublimation printing is a process involving the transfer of a full colour graphic or photograph onto an object. It is possible for you to create personal artwork on PC then print and heat press onto your object of choice.  

You can print onto objects materials like metal, glass, ceramics and unisub products – such as phone cases, coffee mugs, and so much more. These blank materials are specially coated for sublimation receptivity.

The process does not involve numerous steps for the production of high quality goods. The design of the artwork on PC is the first step. The sublimation ink is put into the printer to print onto Epson photo quality paper with 720dpi (dots per inch) to appear in high quality. Sublimation inks contain some coloured dyes suspended in liquids that can pass through a digital printer.

The last step is transferring the image from the photo quality paper to the desired object using a heat press. The heat and pressure applied aids the conversion of the inks from a solid to a gas and enter into the substrates surface. This method provides better durability than other transfer methods.

What Can Be Printed?Certain synthetic fabrics allow the printing of photographs or designs onto them. Some of them are T-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, mousemats, metals, tiles, mugs, coasters, keyrings and more. It is not possible to print on some materials such as cotton because sublimation printing is done on polyester, polymer or polymer coated products. There is no bonding between the sublimated ink and cotton fibres it uses heat presses.

If it is for a one-wear item, you’ll probably be fine. However, our recommendation oftentimes is to go for sublimation items, otherwise you are likely to end up having some split and crack after a few washes.

How Can You Make Money Doing This?

It is easy and quick to do dye sublimation printing. The required things include sublimation paper, inks, a sublimation printer, and a heat press. You need a little working space due to the compactness of the heat press equipment.

The finished product looks vibrant, glossy and it is scratch resistant. The images appear real on numerous promotional goods and personal goods lovely to anyone who receives them!

People use these products as great gifts and renowned in recent years. You can turn it to a business if people love your output.