Feeling envious about another person’s success is not a new thing to most people. It’s what makes you human. However, drowning yourself in wishful thinking and jealousy is not the way to go. Doing so may not be easy for you due to the lifestyle adjustments involved depending on what you want to accomplish. To make the transition from your current self to your ideal self easy and achievable, look at the following pointers as follows:

  • Picture What Your Ideal Version Looks Like

When you settle on improving yourself, the first move ought to be exploring all the options pertaining who you want to be in the long-run. What do you imagine being, especially when given a chance to be anything in life? Rather than beating yourself up, start focusing on what you would look like after self-improvement. In this case, note down all the particular details of what you envision and how that version of yourself can be attained. Be as specific as possible. Click here to get more details about Personality development and self-motivation to achieve your desire & goals.  

  • Determine Your Limitations

Now that you have a better image of the person that you want to be, it’s time to determine how to get to reach that point. So, what is really stopping you from being the ideal version of yourself? Whether it is your lack of confidence, physical appearance, health, lack of skill, failure to wake up early or many others, you can only move forward once you know and address your obstacles.

  • Create Small Achievable Goals

Your master plan forms your end goal. Even though it may seem too big to achieve, it is still possible.  All you have to do is determine where to start, whether it involves creating a company or moving to another country among many others. Go through the goals that will assist you to achieve self-improvement, and convert them into small manageable steps. In this case, the key is to start small and adhere to your laid out plan.

  • Work on Achieving Bigger Objectives

Trying to hit your small targets each day will cause your objectives to plateau at a given point since with time they become easy to reach. Hence, you need to upgrade to higher goals. The rule of thumb is setting goals, breaking them, and then moving on to establish other bigger goals. However, you have to make sure that you hit them regularly in a bid to allow your grand vision to fall in place.

  • Be Surrounded by Your Role Models

Identify people who you look up to or those who inspire you to become a better person. The trick is spotting people closest to you as opposed to those you only see on TV or via your social media platforms. By looking at how they go about their life, you can learn a lot and implement some of their deeds and habits in your life. Watch, learn and start practicing.

  • Be Part of a Supportive Group

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”?  The same case applies to this situation since peer pressure is downright a strong influencer. Be part of a group of friends who encourage you to hit your goals, pursue your ambitions, celebrate your success and support you when things don’t work out. You can also identify a group, made up of people with similar objectives to become your support system. Also, remember to be good to your friends too, especially those who support your endeavors.

Becoming an improved version of yourself is not an easy undertaking. Aside from not knowing how to start this personal development journey, there will be times when you will feel like quitting. However, the above steps can steer you through the numerous obstacles you will find along the way.