Losing someone in death is a hard time to go through. There’s so much to go do for the griever, particularly if they were close to the person and are involved in funeral arrangements. If you want to avoid the usual, and often terrible floral arrangements you often get from florists, take a look at some of these thoughtful and kind sympathy gifts.

Sympathy Gift Baskets

A more unusual, but nonetheless thoughtful gift to show your sympathy for a grieving relative of friend is a gift basket. People who have suffered loss find it hard to cope with cooking and shopping. A box of treats will not bring back the person they’ve lost, but it not only shows you care, but also provides them with a much-needed boost to their blood sugar levels.

Picture Frames

Another great idea, especially if you have shared memories of the person who’s passed away is to send a nice picture frame. Find one of your favourite pictures of the deceased and put that in the frame before sending it. A helpful part of the grieving process is remembering the person in a positive way and this kind of gift can do that.


If the person who has lost someone has young children you could offer to babysit for them so they can have some time to themselves. This is particularly helpful on the day of the funeral if they would rather their children were not around, or the children were too young. After and before the funeral though, it can still be a thoughtful to offer babysitting services to give the person time to digest and grieve without their children seeing them.

Home-made Meals

As noted further up the page, grieving people often do not have the time, energy or even inclination to fix themselves a cooked meal. Therefore, a great and very kind sympathy gift you could give them is a home cooked meal. If you know what their favourite meal is, even better.  If you don’t – anything hearty and flavour some will not go unappreciated.


If you are stuck for ideas and want to give them something to help keep the memory of their loved one alive, you could gift them some personalised jewellery A simple inscription or monogram on a bracelet or necklace can be an incredibly thoughtful gift. If you know a phrase or saying the person would say often, this is a great choice for an inscription. Other than that, you could choose a nickname or special name that the griever used to refer to them by. This personal touch could make an already beautiful gift even nicer.

Flowering Trees and Bushes

Rather than go for the age-old floral bouquet, you could gift them a bush or tree that will continue to bloom with beautiful flowers year in, year out. That way they will always have something positive to look forward to when it comes to commemorating the day they died for many years into the future.