It won’t be long before your little one arrives and you haven’t begun working on the nursery. You want to create a beautiful, comfortable, welcoming environment for your newborn to spend their time in, but the cost of hiring an interior designer are more than you can bear right now. The good news is, for a lot less money, you could make a nursery to love on your own. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

Clear the room and start with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you want to be gender-specific with pink or blue or keep it neutral with yellows and greens, there are plenty of hues for you to choose from. A gallon of high-quality paint goes far meaning you won’t need many to finish the room. 


If you don’t want to paint or would like to add some more texture and character to your nursery you can also install wallpaper. They have really nice baby and nursery themes you can choose from to give the room that extra pop. You can add it to a feature wall or plaster it throughout the room in lieu of painting. Then, all you need is to paint the trim and borders. 

Make Wall Art

Many nurseries stand out because they have art on the wall. From the baby’s name spelled out in bubble letters to murals of zoos and galaxies far away, it really is breathtaking. You can create your own wall art with a pencil a few stencils and some paint. 

Baby Furniture

It can sometimes be risky to take used baby furniture into the nursery. There are sometimes recalls, not to mention if the device is not in the best condition it could harm you or the baby. So, it would be best to do some online comparison shopping to find the store with the best-priced baby furniture. Adding it to your baby shower registry if you’re having one can get some of those things checked off your list for free. You can also visit sites like to borrow the money to buy the furniture and pay it back in small installments. 

Fresh Linens

Your nursery isn’t complete without fresh linens. Not only do you need a blanket and sheets for the crib mattress but you’ll also want curtains for the windows. If the wall designs and surrounding decor are more on the bold side of things, you can balance it out with solid-colored curtains to match. On the other hand, if you kept the nursery design pretty basic, spazz things up with some bold curtains. 

Additional Decor

All that’s left is to add in the final touches. You can get creative here if you’re the artsy type, or go thrift shopping and find a few items there. For instance, you can crochet or knit a throw or blanket. You can buy picture frames from the dollar store and paint them to match the baby’s room. Add their ultrasound pictures to the frames. Then, you can head to a local thrift shop, yard sale, or flea market to get things like an area rug, lamps, side tables, and a rocking chair. If you’d really like to shave the costs of your nursery design, perhaps ask relatives and friends who recently had babies if they have any items you could use to liven the space up. 

You’ve got just a few more weeks before you welcome the newest member of your family into your home. If creating a nursery is what you want for your newborn, you can stop panicking about the cost of hiring an interior designer. Instead, you can create a comfortable sleeping environment for your tiny one on your own. All it takes is a small investment, some time, patience, and creativity.